*The eMG800 is being discontinued. Hardware production is slated to end Jan/Feb 2022. Licenses will be available after production ends with an official EOL date of Oct. 2023, although these dates can change and it is expected that licenses will be available well past the EOL date.*



iPECS eMG800


The business communications platform that transforms small and medium-sized businesses

Revolutionize the way your business communicates. With the hybrid of IP, digital and analog telephony and Unified Communications (UC), you really can reduce cost while increasing capability.





Hybrid Communications
All the efficiency-boosting benefits of UC as well as all traditional telephony features are built in, allowing a dynamic communications culture to thrive. It’s a hybrid supporting IP, digital and analog, so you can work from any device with any technology.
Equip To Expand
Be ready for growth with a seamlessly scalable platform. It’s easy to add on the features and capacity you need to move your business to the next level. Whether you’re adding people or locations, enjoy a platform that expands with you.
Make Deployment Simple
Don’t allow deployment to disrupt. Choose a solution that’s easy to install for IT managers and easy to operate for users. The interface is intuitive and consistent across devices, keeping training times short.
Handle Calls Efficiently
Handle multiple calls at one time, with simple call routing, transfer and hold functions that keep communication flowing. Make the most of your team with real-time supervision and get the big picture with powerful reporting and analytics.
Be Mobile
Empower your team to work from anywhere, with add-ons that integrate the functions of a desk phone into a smartphone, PC or tablet. Seamlessly transfer calls from desk phone to cell phone so that out of the office doesn’t mean out of touch.
Seamless Scalability
As a scalable call server iPECS eMG800 allows businesses to easily expand capacity with optional gateways or boards. In addition, simple system port licensing enables upfront investment savings and cost-effective expansion as a business grows. Not only system capacities, but communications features including UC solution can be expanded or added with a simple license.
Embedded VoIP
Embedded VoIP channels are one of the great advantages with iPECS eMG800. iPECS eMG800 supports complete single network IP solutions with high capacity VoIP to protect your upfront investment. (Max 8 channel by license) Also, it can seamlessly migrate to an IP converged world as an innovative hybrid platform.
Customize Your Communications
Open APIs allow you to easily integrate the optional applications and add-ons you need to empower your team and enhance productivity, whatever the industry, whatever the requirement.


Some of the key features included with EVERY system are:

  • Built-in iPECS UCS
  • Built-in iPECS ClickCall
  • Embedded VoIP
  • Embedded Voice Mail
  • Embedded ACD
  • Embedded SIP
  • Embedded audio conference
  • Embedded hotel features
  • Mobile extension
  • One number service
  • Web call back
  • ACD call statistics
  • Emergency/Alarm call service
  • Simplified directory search
  • Custom MOH support
  • VM to E-Mail forwarding
  • Web administration
  • Web user portal 
  • Multiple call handling
  • Reporting, monitoring and analytics
  • One-number service on any device, anywhere
  • Hot-desking
  • Multi-site functionality
  • Emergency features












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