iPECS eMG100


The revolutionary smart hybrid communications solution for small and midsize businesses

It’s time for unified communications (UC), the transformative tool that integrates all your business communications into one place. Here’s the one solution to help you connect better, boost efficiency, and move your business to the next level.

The iPECS eMG100 is the newest addition to the iPECS family. Replacing the eMG80, this system is perfect for businesses needing a few phones to over 100 phones. 



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Cost effective hybrid platform
The eMG100 is a cost effective hybrid platform that supports IP, digital, analog, and UC devices, so you can work from any device with any technology. When looking for a communication system and value is the main decision-making factor. iPECS eMG100 provides many built-in solutions that will maximize your return on investment. TDM interfaces, built-in VoIP and VM capacity with emergency alarm and relay and paging features are all embedded as default. Compact design, single cabinet with many of the communication features included out of the box. Enjoy your best-in-class hybrid communication system with iPECS eMG100.


Out of the box Unified Communications
As the most compelling advantage, advanced business communication features are provided by default. Users can improve business efficiency and productivity with embedded UC features including real-time voice, video and presence enabled instant messaging under a single user interface on any device.

Out of the box premium features
In addition to embedded UC with iPECS UCS, TDM interface and VoIP channel capacity, premium features are also included in the basic package. For efficient internal and external communications, the system has an Audio Conference Bridge and Automatic Call Distributor (ACD) default to increase your organization’s productivity with no extra cost. Use the audio conference bridge for daily group call meetings up to 13 participants with max 40 simultaneous conferences. Using the built in ACD will provide a better customer service allowing all calls to be answered and routed to the proper departments, providing real time monitoring and supervision, as well as call statistics and ACD event messages for management reporting.

Rich business applications
iPECS eMG100 provides a various range of business applications and mobile clients to fulfill varying needs and requirements in the small and medium sized enterprise environments. It also offers interoperability with various 3rd party solutions in hospitality, healthcare and other vertical industries.




Tailor to your needs
All businesses are different. Whatever makes you distinctive, pick the applications and integrations you need to connect better and deliver more. Choose from the many add-ons to meet your specifications from our suite of products or from compatible 3rd party solutions with easy integration. iPECS eMG100 provides a cost-effective way to use existing solutions by using universal interfaces such as Web API to provide compatibility.

Aspire to be mobile
By embracing VoIP technology, you can benefit with the enterprise grade mobility of the iPECS eMG100 that is maximized for mobility solutions. Whether in the office, warehouse or in a factory IP DECT provides reliable communications even in the high demanding environments. For more personalized mobility and for outside office the iPECS UCS brings the power of a desk phones into smart-phones or tablet PCs. In addition, the Mobile Extension (MEX) feature is provided for seamless communications and ease of use for calls to be seamlessly and easily moved back and forth between desk phone and mobile. Be professional with one-number service from any device in any location. Utilize iPECS mobility solutions and take the office with you.





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