iPECS UCS is a unified communications application that enables users to boost their productivity from anywhere with any devices. Recently, distributed work environments have posed significant challenges for employees, and are making it harder to stay connected. Effective and efficient communications are critical for all businesses to better serve their customers, stay competitive in the market and to expand their global presence.

iPECS UCS streamlines communications and enhances productivity with unifying presence, instant messaging, voice, video, audio/video conference, sharing features and so on. All collaboration tools are provided to ensure secure delivery of messages to a variety of devices including desktop, tablet and smart phone. The flexible deployment model allows users to communicate and collaborate more effectively as long as they stay connected on the Internet, creating an ubiquitous working environment.




iPECS UCS Mobile is available for Android and iOS platforms and is also compatible with Tablet formats such as iPad.  iPECS UCS Mobile provides the same 'look and feel' across all platforms, regardless of where you are and what you are using.





iPECS UCS is also available for Windows 7 - 10 as well as Mac OSX 10 onward.





Integrated Presence
• Instant decision on reachability by status color
• Save time and cost through real-time communications with people who are available for collaboration
• Integrated DND setting is available for both iPECS UCS client and desk phone at the same time

Single & Multi Log-in by user license
• Single log-in : Available log-in on to one client at a time (Basic/Advanced user license)
• Multi log-in : Available log-in on to multiple client at the same time with single ID/PW (Power user license)

Instant Messaging, SMS and Note
• Various chatting mode(1:1, 1:N, Ad-hoc)
• Inviting others by drag and drop
• IM continuity among clients
• Packet encryption by AES
• Send and receive text message to other internal iPECS system or external SMS users
• Leave a note for offline iPECS UCS user

Audio Call
• Call popup : Display caller’s information based on CID
• MS Outlook popup : Display caller’s contact information in MS Outlook based on CID
• Call memo : Noting important information during a call
• Call recording : Easy on-demand call recording in local storage

Click to Call
• Easy dialing in web and windows application
1. Capturing numbers by mouse dragging
2. Call in the Quick Call Control Bar or the Call Assistance

Call Control
• Call control on iPECS UCS desktop client for the desk phone calls
• Most call control function can be executed by one click or drag and drop(Answer/Drop/Deny/Transfer/Hold/Park)
• Flexible button sync between desk phone and UCS client

Visual Voice Mail
• Automatic synchronization with system voice mail board
• Non serial access to a message

Audio Conference
• Easy conference building by graphical user interface and drag and drop
• Conference control features : Invite, Remove, Mute, Changing Master, Record

MS Outlook Synchronization
• Synchronization with MS Outlook contact and schedule
• Contacts registered to MS Outlook are synchronized to iPECS UCS users’ private directory
• If private option is activated, the schedule is not opened to the shared users from the iPECS UCS
• Easy dialing phone number on MS Outlook contact

MS Exchange Server Integration
• MS Outlook schedule synchronization with or without iPECS UCS login
• Option 1 : Integration with local MS Outlook client
• Option 2 : Synchronization between MS Exchange server and iPECS UCS server

Organization Chart
• Hierarchy tree view in organization table
• Member’s presence status
• Diverse view modes of organization chart
• Member view table customization
• Member sort by IM, phone status and so on
• Immediate organization refresh manually
• Periodic organization update by time setting
• Automatic update of Non UCS users’ phone numbers(Extensions)
• Searching user by text

Video Conference
• Build face to face conference at anytime, anywhere
• Maximum 9 party, 8 group video conference
• Video resolution : QCIF, CIF, VGA, 4CIF(704 x 480/576)
• Ad-hoc/Meet-me conference and e-mail notification
• Application sharing during conference
• Remote monitoring, still shot
• Presentation mode(1:32)

• More effective and productive work with others
• File sharing
• Program sharing
- Application : Sharing documents, spreadsheets, presentations and drawing in real time
- Desktop : Sharing desktop screen
• Web push : Sharing web page address
• Whiteboard : Sharing drawings and free-form text

Supporting Multiple Call Server
• Integrated UC management for multiple call servers
• Register more than 2 call servers to one iPECS UCS server
• Share user’s presence registered at different call server

Client Virtualization
• iPECS UCS Server : Runs on VMWare, Citrix and MS Hyper-V
• iPECS UCS Windows Client : Runs on VMWare, Citrix and MS Remote Desktop Service

Active Directory based Single Sign On
• Login to iPECS UCS without inputting ID and Password
• Improves customer satisfaction by quick and simple login process
• Use the same as the account of Active Directory

CRM Integration
• Support integration with wide range of CRMs(MS Dynamics CRM, Salesforce.com, LDAP, etc.)
• Dialing(Click call) straight from your CRM, accounts package, website or any desktop application
• Show name of caller in preview window and CRM screen pop-up
• Simultaneous search of multiple address books
• Support URL based CRM
* iPECS UCS features are dependent upon server types (Standard/Premium) and user base license (Basic/Advanced/Power).


iPECS UCS iOS (Apple)
iPECS UCS Android





iPECS ClickCall

Significant Change in Your Office Communications, iPECS ClickCall
iPECS ClickCall is a smart application used to make communications simpler and easier when working with a PC. All you need to do is drag a telephone number from any Windows application such as a website, Windows document or any application running on your PC. You don’t need to memorize a phone number to make a call from a desktop phone. You can even reduce the chances of delays or mistakes made by pressing buttons when making a call in desktop phone.



  • Click to call from any selectable number in Windows application
  • Easy dialing of selectable number from Windows applications
  • Show dialed call log up to 10
  • Exit/Setup only through the icon in Windows tray
  • Setup dialing information
  • Multi language support
  • Call control client without voice module
  • Easy installation : Simple call client without dedicated server









iPECS Attendant

More Calls, Better Service, iPECS AttendantiPECS Attendant
Ericsson-LG Enterprise provides PC based software attendant consoles that integrate telephony with external call data and workforce information. The applications simplify call handling and meet evolving communications requirements. As the operator consoles for Ericsson-LG Enterprise’s communications systems, iPECS Attendant gives highly efficient telephony connections for attendants, receptionists and secretaries.

iPECS Attendant is the IP based attendant console with soft phone function, hotel features and an improved user interface. Based on the iPECS platforms that integrated with iPECS Attendant, the supported features are various for quick and easy call handling.






Integrated IP Call Recording Solution, iPECS IPCRIPCR Screen
iPECS IPCR(IP Call Recording) is a call recording and monitoring solution tightly integrated with iPECS platforms optimized for small and medium sized offices and contact centers. iPECS IPCR is designed as a simple and cost- effective solution, while it delivers powerful value added features. iPECS IPCR can meet the needs of robust call recording to ensure regulatory compliance and quality management.




Features and Benefits

  • Real-time monitoring and recording single server for all terminals
  • Automatic call recording and on-demand recording
  • No additional hardware or cabling required
  • IP, digital and SLT extension recording
  • Graphical agent status monitoring : Idle, log in/out and busy
  • Live agent call monitoring with a click of mouse
  • On-demand recording of the entire call, simply press call recording button any time during the call
  • Voice packet encryption and call recording at the same time
  • Remote maintenance and automatic alarming






Discover the future of communications with iPECS apps and add-ons


Ericsson-LG has a full suite of cutting-edge apps for all business sizes. From Unified Communications (UC) platforms to specialized tools to boost productivity, find all you need to connect your team and your customers.

Not all of their applications work on the premise based systems, some are for their Cloud offering only. Because the Cloud product is not offered in Canada you will only see premise based applications on our site. The complete overview of all applications can be found by clicking the link at the top of the page.

Applications are add-ons, and with the exception of the UCS clients/clickcall licenses included with systems, are not included in the price of the system. Furthermore, some require substantial planning and additional training, such as CCX. If you are interested in any applications discuss the sales opportunity with your sales rep before approaching the client.


Please look at the product pages for additional information regarding these premise based applications::


  • iPECS Attendant
  • iPECS Clickcall
  • iPECS CCX Report Plus







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