Revolutionize business communications

A modern Unified Communications (UC) platform that combines communication and collaboration tools into a single package. This cost-effective yet industry unique system delivers a full range of features and benefits straight out of the box.





Enhance Business Collaboration
Improve your business efficiency with built-in collaboration features and applications. Collaborate via voice, video, instant messaging and more, with clear visibility of user’s presence from a simple to use and intuitive interface.
Work From Anywhere
Take the office with you and work on the move. Enjoy compatibility with iOS, Android and desktops, so you can run things however you want. As work becomes ever more flexible, embrace mobility and take all the advantages of being in the office wherever you go.
Combine Cutting-Edge Devices
Choose from a comprehensive range of handsets and applications to suit any size of business. Whether you need traditional desk phones or a wireless DECT solution to cover large premises, the iPECS product range can be integrated with ease.
Scale As Your Business Grows
Easily scale your users, applications or lines up as your business size grows. Simply add or enable additional features when they are needed with a flexible licensing model. Benefit from a communication solution that fits your present and future needs.
Utilize A Full Application Suite
Boost business productivity by selecting from a full range of applications, whether you require contact center features, UC applications or call analytics. Integrate your favorite third-party applications or CRM system using an open API for business of hospitality, education or healthcare.
Easily Install And Manage
A simple web-based interface allows for a straightforward install and easy system management. Users can also manage personal settings like voicemails, presence settings and call recordings. The user interface is intuitive and consistent across devices, making deployment and training a breeze.




Some of the key features included with EVERY system are:

  • Auto-attendant
  • Voice Mail
  • Mobility
  • Emergency features
  • Collaboration with voice, video, group chat, SMS and screen sharing
  • Automatic call distribution
  • Audio conferencing
  • Voicemail to email
  • Click-to-dial
  • Hot desking
  • Contact Center
  • Call reporting
  • Call recording
  • Third-party applications and CRM integration



Because the iPECS UCP is reliant on your network, we highly recommend that a network audit is performed by certified installers, and that the switching infrastructure meets the requirements for a smooth transition to VoIP.






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