Whether you need a system for 2 users or 2000 users, Ericsson-LG has a system to suit your needs. All iPECS systems use the same web based programming interface which makes programming different systems simple. All systems enable you to use analog/digital/IP or wireless phones and analog/PRI or SIP trunks. Systems can be networked together even if they are different models and all have the ability to add any of the applications in the iPECS family. Nine-One-One Communication Supply Inc. is here to help you decide which system best suits your application.

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 iPECS eMG100

The revolutionary smart hybrid communications solution for small and midsize businesses

 It’s time for unified communications (UC), the transformative tool that integrates all your business communications into one place. Here’s the one solution to help you connect better, boost efficiency, and move your business to the next level.

The iPECS eMG100 is the newest addition to the iPECS family. Replacing the eMG80, this system is perfect for businesses needing a few phones to over 100 phones





iPECS eMG800

The business communications platform that transforms small and medium-sized businesses

Revolutionize the way your business communicates. With the hybrid of IP, digital and analog telephony and Unified Communications (UC), you really can reduce cost while increasing capability.







Revolutionize business communications

A modern Unified Communications (UC) platform that combines communication and collaboration tools into a single package. This cost-effective yet industry unique system delivers a full range of features and benefits straight out of the box.














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