*iPECS CCX and iPECS CCX Report Plus are different products, with very different requirements. Please discuss with your sales rep if you think you might have an application for them. If you are just looking for a reporting solution the iPECS Report Plus is all you need.



iPECS Contact Center Solutions

The all-in-one SME contact center package for next-level customer experience

In the age of instant communication, customers expect more than just telephony. Be there for them with a multi-channel solution that handles all forms of customer contact. Integrate with your CRM and customize analytics to promote a dynamic, adaptable, customer-centric approach.




The future of customer contact

Bring customer relations into the future with a browser-based multi-channel contact center. Become even more accessible and productive with the powerful customer contact center solution for handling calls, email, instant messaging and more.





Fuel Productivity

Choose the solution that enhances the efficiency of every aspect of contact. Quickly view customer call logs as they phone in. Manage all customer communications on all channels from the same user-friendly GUI. Increase your speed and watch productivity follow without any compromise in quality.


Choose Security

You don’t have to choose between convenience and compliance – have both, with an all-in-one tool that protects you and your customers. All information and communications are encrypted to comply with data protection laws in multiple jurisdictions, including GDPR (EU) and HIPPA (USA).


Record Your Calls

Evaluate your work and keep the vital records you need with built-in call recording. Handle complaints and resolve disputes with transparency and accuracy. Recordings are easily accessible for agents with authorization, so you can quickly find what you need, when you need it.


Be Customer-centric

With a multi-channel contact center, you can be there for your customers using the method of communication they prefer. Use calls, instant messaging, emails, fax and even social media to resolve queries in a way that suits both your business and your customers.


Analyze With Ease

Measure as you go with intelligent analytics tools that help you see how you’re performing. Schedule regular reports or view key metrics in real time so that you can always allocate resources according to need. Analyze KPIs to optimize team performance.


Resolve Queries Quickly

Promote a culture of First Contact Resolution (FCR) with a tool that powers accuracy and efficiency at every stage. Customize the IVR to get callers through to the right line. Use a full range of features to manage contact quickly. Maximizing FCR is the goal of every contact center. Achieve it with iPECS.


Key Features

  • Multi-channel inbound and outbound contact center
  • Web based agent
  • Monitoring and report
  • Web chat and instant messaging
  • Social networking with Facebook and SMS server
  • Voice recording
  • Interactive Voice Response (IVR)
  • Agent evaluation & support training




iPECS CCX Report Plus

Take customer experience to the next level

The contact center add-on that transforms analytics, resource management and agent productivity. With real-time monitoring and smart reporting, get the insights you need to provide your customers with the best possible service. iPECS Report Plus can be added to provide reporting on the systems built-in ACD.




Improve agent performance

Monitor individual productivity in real time or with customizable reports. Download easy-to-read charts in PDF or Excel form, detailing each agent’s call statistics. Keep pushing your team to deliver excellence, be their best, and provide the most efficient service possible.


Assess Business Metrics

Get real-time information and customize performance reports. Separate reports by division for quick comparison. Configure your own business intelligence reports and display metrics live via wallboard to ensure your contact center is always on track.



Manage Cost Intelligently

Manage resources better by allocating them according to need. Get reports for separate divisions and check them against telecoms billing, to avoid overpaying unnecessarily. Choose the analytics tool that allows you to spend smart and boost efficiency.



Key Features

  • Web based agent and dashboard
  • Proprietary integration
  • Accessible from anywhere
  • Automatic report scheduling
  • Wallboard and alert management
  • Reports generated as PDF or Excel files
  • Real-time reports and wallboard
  • Individual agent reporting and statistics
  • Over 100 powerful reports
  • System performance monitoring
  • Service level reports
  • Powerful carrier tariff interface
  • TAPI based call control
  • Same level CRM integration as iPECS CCX








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