iPECS Attendant

More Calls, Better Service, iPECS AttendantiPECS Attendant
Ericsson-LG Enterprise provides PC based software attendant consoles that integrate telephony with external call data and workforce information. The applications simplify call handling and meet evolving communications requirements. As the operator consoles for Ericsson-LG Enterprise’s communications systems, iPECS Attendant gives highly efficient telephony connections for attendants, receptionists and secretaries.

iPECS Attendant is the IP based attendant console with soft phone function, hotel features and an improved user interface. Based on the iPECS platforms that integrated with iPECS Attendant, the supported features are various for quick and easy call handling.


Embedded IP soft phone functions
• Various call features without an external desktop phone
• High quality voice communications using a PC or laptop

Easy to use interface
• Well organized user interface and customizable display for individual attendant
• Wait time and priority based call handling with caller information
• Intuitive display icons: Monitoring window, Queue window and tool bar
• Quick and easy call handling with simple click or drag and drop
• Desktop phone and status presence based call routing
• iPECS UCS presence information display
• Busy Lamp Field(BLF) and status information display
• Shortcut keys for frequently used functions
• Pre-selected and customized station status message setting
• Station setting modification: Station name, COS, Temporary COS, attendant cancel, music selection
• Attendant status change : Day, Night, On demand, Weekend, Auto ring, Forward

Simple directory and database management
• Local phone book import and export
• Database and system component back up to the local hard disk drive
• Multiple local database interface
• Support MS Outlook integration
• Phone book management : Register, Edit, Delete, 17 database fields, Dynamic search, Sort, Filter

More productivity enhancement features
• Dialing options : Keypad dialing, click to call from the phone book, station icon, log view and speed dial
• Video call, Conferencing, Call recording, Text messaging, E-mail notice, Paging, Emergency call monitoring, etc.
• Multiple attendants’ monitoring and superb statistical reporting of all calls





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