User Guide Available: Yes
User Guide Location: HOME > DOWNLOADS
Manufacturer: Ericsson-LG
Availability: Refurbished
Suitability: Reception / Managers / Remote Workers
Flexible Buttons: 12 x 3 Pages
Handsfree Mode: Full Duplex
EHS Support: Yes
DSS Support: Yes
Network Speed: 10/100/1000 Mbs
H/W Warranty: 3 Years
Protocol: Internet Protocol (IP)
System: eMG80, eMG800, UCP, LIK

The LIP-9040C

This phone is most suited for people who make frequent calls and require quick and easy access to features. It has a large clear screen with the flex buttons features spanning across multiple pages. This allows quick access to features without increasing the footprint or adding more buttons.


The final colour choice on the LIP-9040C has yet to be confirmed. If you are interested in purchasing the new LIP-9040C, please feel free to Contact Us via this link.

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