Manufacturer: Ericsson-LG
Availability: New
Suitability: Remote Workers / Warehouse
Flexible Buttons: None
Handsfree Mode: No
Network Speed: N/A
H/W Warranty: 3 Years
Protocol: Radio (DECT)
System: eMG80, eMG800, UCP, LIK


Ericsson-LG Mobility Solutions offer a wide array of cost effective solutions, from traditional DECT to WiFi Handsets. We have a solution to work within your budget or infrastructure requirements. 

Unlike standalone or residential DECT solution, Ericsson-LG has integrated business DECT solution with its industry leading SMB PBX solutions. The integration makes feature implementation easier and simpler. Floor managers do not need to run for a fixed terminal for voice paging.

With no string attached, users can receive and send voice paging over the DECT handset. Not to mention, typical PBX features such as Call transfer (Screened, Unscreened, Executive/ Secretary), Call back, Hold, MWI, Call forward, Camp on etc., seamless call connection is secured over the multiple cell coverage. 

GDC-600BE BASE STATION The GDC-600BE Base station provides up to 500m Line-Of-Sight coverage, 6 concurrent voice paths and allowing 8 DECT phones to be registered simultaneously.


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