LEGACY - iPECS LIK (IP Communications System)

Manufacturer: Ericsson-LG
Availability: Refurbished, Discontinued
H/W Warranty: 6 Month - Refurbished


iPECS LIK (Discontinued): New technologies in the realm of telephony bring communications advances that influence changes in business. Traditional imperatives in the SOHO telephony market are cost effectiveness and ease of operation and maintenance; the latest generation technologies provide both without requiring significant technical training and support.

Ericsson-LG provides communications solutions that fit the needs of small businesses to help accelerate business opportunities and provide better customer satisfaction with sophisticated service options while, giving them full control to manage the system for themselves. In the end, no matter what the size your business is, Ericsson-LG delivers business critical solutions that give you a competitive advantage.

The value of any solution to an enterprise must be tied to the quantifiable results it can deliver to the organization. As an enterprise expands, these results become apparent as their workforce becomes mobile, global, and dependent on ease of communications and collaboration. For the business to perform and stay competitive, enterprises need tools that interoperate well together and bring fast, well informed, critical decision making that facilitates faster, more efficient performance in the work environment.

To meet the enterprise needs, Ericsson-LG offers the iPECS, converged IP Enterprise Communications Solutions, that delivers a complete product lineup for unified communications including voice, data and applications for small to large enterprises. iPECS Platforms, including call servers and, gateways are at the heart of the iPECS solutions that have highly reliable hardware and software, fully distributed IP architecture and rich set of easy to use features.

This platform has now been replaced with the iPECS UCP


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