Call for price: Yes
Manufacturer: Teletics
Availability: New
H/W Warranty: 1 year
Protocol: Digital (TDM), Radio (DECT), Analogue (SLT)
System: Any


Since 2003, Teletics has been a manufacturer of specialized wireless communication equipment headquartered in Canada.zipline

Our products have been deployed, by both private and public sector customers, in some of the harshest environments anywhere. This includes Oil Drilling Rigs, Utility Substation Metering locations, and Industrial Sites. Our customers include some of the largest Utility, Satellite and Cellular communications providers in the world.

Now the ZipLine is better than ever! Teletics is pleased to announce the ZipLine 58 – “The fastest link between two points”. Our lowest cost, most complete wireless Pots Line replacement and phone line extender EVER. Choose from 1 or 2 line POTS service, or our brand new Wireless Digital Line Extender, the ZipLine DLE. Now in 5.8 GHz license free band to eliminate interference from WiFi, plus more secure than ever with AES grade encryption. All with the same price as the original ZipLine.

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